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Saranga Bandara, RMT

I am a registered massage therapist with Massage Therapist Association of Alberta (MTAA). I completed 2,200 hour massage therapy diploma program at Canadian College of Massage Therapy and Hydrotherapy (CCMH). I have been working in a clinical setting helping numerous clients with chronic pain problems, injuries and routine maintenance massage treatments for last 5 years.

 I specialize in fascial work which is the manipulation of the fascial layer surrounding the muscle and other organs in the body. This facilitates the healing of the muscle tissue and provides long lasting results. In addition to fascial techniques, I incorporate deep tissue, sports therapy, trigger point therapy, PNF stretching, nerve mobilization techniques and Swedish relaxation techniques in my treatments. So, in a typical treatment with me you will be able to experience some of the above techniques based on your condition and the treatment goals.

In my spare time I enjoy doing yoga, qi-gong, running, swimming and reading. Recently I have taken upon meditation and have been attending annual meditation retreats.

 I firmly believe that massage therapy plays an important role in facilitating the body’s natural healing process. I am very passionate about my profession and I am so grateful that I have given the opportunity to help many of my clients so far. I am looking forward to meeting you and be part of your regular health team.

 Following are some of the conditions I regularly see in my clinic:

Motor Vehicle Accident treatments (MVA), Whiplash (WAD)

Repetitive injuries (tennis, golf elbow, tendonitis, etc)

Sprains & Strains


Chronic Pain

Neck, Shoulder, Low back pain

Issues with hip flexors and hip extensors

Plantar fascities

Sports injuries, work related injuries (ex: shoulder, neck, back pain due to sitting at a desk most of the day)

Groups of population I see regularly:

Office workers, who sit at desk most of the day. 

Athletes with injuries or without injury. 

Car accidents or work place injury

People with chronic pain, aches and pains

Those who like to maintain their health with regular massage therapy.

work place injuries due to falls, heavy lifting or repetitive movements.